Bullet journal online tool using JIRA

Be productive with the Bullet Journal methodology combine to the best productivity tool online JIRA from Atlassian.

JIRA from Atlassian is used to improve productivity by hundreds of thousands of teams around the world and the bullet journal is a great methodology, the book sold copy worldwide and is a bestseller.


I was searching for a better way to organize myself and when I read the Bullet Journal  Method by Ryder Carroll a great fit with JIRA came to my mind.


I know, I know, Ryder makes a great deal of the methodology to be a “journal” write by hand, don’t get me wrong, I agreed with a lot with why writing by hand has its advantages but here’s why I prefer using online tools :



  • It’s always with you, you can access it from your phone or any computer


  • You do not have to bring a pen and a journal everywhere


  • Part of the methodology includes how to index things and note pages to have a resemblance of links but with an online tool, there is no need anymore to annotate everything and you can find a lot more in a snap of your finger.


  • You can share easily whatever you want with your friends, wife or husband, colleague or anybody.

How the Bullet Journal Method can be used in JIRA?


First, you have to create and configure a project on JIRA - link to another post


This post replaces Part 2 of the bullet journal method book - The System


Create your Future log


Create your Monthly log


Before creating your monthly log we add a twist to the bullet journal method which is very useful: Estimation of the log.

Because I’ve seen a lot of people sur-evaluate their capacity to achieve or the time they dispose, this added step te tho method is really important.


Estimation of task need to be done before each planing, days, month, year take for exemple when you starting a new month.


There is 24h a day, minus you work 8h a day, 2h of traffic commute, 8h of sleep, 1h of hygiene and 2h of cooking and eating, it leave you with 3h a day to do things in your journal.


One of my favorite timeboxing technique is the Pomodoro technique - link Wikipedia where you set timebox of 30 min.


If we get back at our example we got 6 Pomodoro by working day, let’s say 6 points, and 22 points per non-working day (24h minus sleep, eat and hygiene).

You got then a maximum of  ± 300 points per month (4*(5*6+2*22))


Then estimate your tasks to make sure you got time to achieve your goals :


Add the estimate per tasks, once you’re done you are ready to start your month :


Create your daily log


Go to Board settings-Columns and change the name Progress by Today


Create a custom rapid logging :


Create a Collection


Go to Create board -Create Kanban board then create a Board from an existing project and name your Collection


Then you can access your collections from the side bar.


Now the last step to categorize your item in a collection is to create a component and a filter


  • Create a component

Go to Components and create a component witch gonna be your collection

  • Create a fliter

Go to Issues and filters-View all filters then your Board (Collection)

Click More-Component-The component you just created and Save

You should have no issue on the screen yet.

  • Add an item to a collection

Go back to your project Bullet journal in your general collection (BJ board)-Backlog and add an issue

Add an issue and select the component (Collection) you want to see your item

Then go to your Collection (board) and Tadam! Your item is now in your collection.

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